Aleta Hayes & Manchild

Aleta Hayes /Manchild

Aleta: she choreographs, she dances, she acts, she sings, and she's a professor at Stanford. Aleta has a vibe that floats like chiffon on a breeze. You feel her before you see her. She passes through Jacob's Pillow from time to time, always bringing the ferocity and curiosity of a jungle cat. Here she was performing with Jane Comfort's company in the dance/ opera 'Asphalt' in 2001. Manchild was playing the part of Racine, an aspiring NYC DJ squatting in a condemned tenement. The character Couchette, played by Aleta, becomes a sort of spiritual guide for Racine, leading him through visions and memories like a guardian angel. We made this picture one sunny afternoon during a rehearsal break.