Anna Halprin, photo Mike van Sleen
Anna Halrpin

Anna Halprin's work dates back to the early days of the Judson Church movement in New York City. A classic experimenter who pushes the boundaries of fundamental definitions of dance and movement, Anna pushes herself deep into her creations whether they be solo or group performances. A lover of nature and all things natural, her most recent solo work for film has her completely encased in mud and leaves, or rolling through grassy fields with a giant costume made of straw. We were up at sunrise for this picture, taking advantage of the brilliant morning light. When I was preparing to tell Anna that I wanted to do a close-up of her face that would accentuate her skin's texture, she beat me to it and suggested the same idea before I had the chance. This was one of those portraits where the 4 x 5 view camera fit perfectly in the mix.