Felix Ruckert photo Mike van Sleen
Felix Ruckert

Felix is a choreographer who continually redefines the boundaries of dance. A Berliner, Felix spent the early part of his career dancing with various notable European choreographers such as Mathilde Monnier and Pina Bausch, and then formed his own Berlin based company in 1994. Felix's work often engages the audience in unexpected ways, even pulling them into the performance at times. His company was touring through the festival with their work "deluxe joy pilot", which has the audience seated on the stage in inflatable chairs, with selected patrons joining the performance while sprawled on giant beds surrounding the stage. An undercurrent of sexuality pervaded the piece, and it was this sense of impropriety that inspired this photo. Speaking with Felix beforehand about the shoot, he told me, "I like your pictures, but I don't want anything too romantic or natural, perhaps something in the kitchen..."