Jean Leon Destiné
Jean-Leon Destiné

Jean-Léon Destiné, born in Saint-Marc, Haiti, has dedicated his career to cultivating the appreciation of Haitian performance art. He spent time as a dancer and journalist in New York in the early 1940’s, and joined Katherine Dunham’s troupe in 1946. Destiné formed his own Destiné Afro-Haitian Dance Company in 1949, and made his Pillow debut during thas first year. He would return to Jacob’s Pillow for more than ten visits up until the early 1970’s. Destiné was at the festival once again during the 2003 season’s tribute to Katherine Dunham, taking part in classes and lectures. He was very generous not only in his participation for the portrait, but also to indulge me by patiently enduring my attempts with the French language.