Lar Lubovitch photo Mike van Sleen
Lar Lubovitch

Lar Lubovitch has been choreographing with his own company for 35 years. Achieving a prolific career with work that has traveled the entire USA and circled the globe, Lar was at Jacob's Pillow in 2004 with his company performing repertory such as "Men's Stories" and " with my heart". The Lar Lubovitch Dance Company has passed through the festival numerous times, beginning in 1971. Though cited by The New York Times as "one of the ten best choreographers in the world," I find Lubovitch to be a humble and modest creator. Lar was very generous to work with me on this image. He was seen daily strolling throughout the campus grounds with his friend Milo, pictured here, so I thought it fitting to include him in the portrait.