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-Links of Interest-

Here is a collection of links that are related to the artists featured in the Image Gallery. I encourage you to click on these to learn more about the fascinating people I've had the opportunity to photograph. Most of the links are the actual web site of the artists. There are some other links included here, such as the Jacob's Pillow link, and links to the Conservatoire in Lyon as well as the Biennale in Lyon.

Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival www.jacobspillow.org
Doug Varone www.dougvaroneanddancers.org
Kitt Johnson www.kittjohnson.dk/filer/e2/home.html
Merce Cunningham www.merce.org
Lionel Hoche www.lionelhoche.com
Cleo Parker Robinson www.cleoparkerdance.org
Jo Stromgren Kompani www.jskompani.no/index.html
Anna Halprin www.annahalprin.org
Buglisi Foreman Dance www.buglisi-foreman.org/index2.html
Compagnie Felix Ruckert www.felixruckert.de
Vincent Mantsoe www.sekwaman.co.za
NDDT, Tim Rushton www.nddt.dk/nddtuk
Johannes Wieland www.johanneswieland.org
Batsheva, Ohad Naharin www.israelcentersf.org/culture/2003-2004/batsheva.html
Betsy Torenbos www.be-wonder.nl
Salia ni Seydou www.salianiseydou.net/salianiseydou
Zvi Gotheiner www.zvidance.com
Katherine Dunham www.eslarp.uiuc.edu/kdunham/bio.htm
Peter Boal www.ejassociates.org/pr_peterboal.html
Pacific Northwest Ballet www.pnb.org
Lar Lubovitch www.lubovitch.org
Sean Curran Company www.seancurrancompany.com
Aszure Barton www.aszureartists.com
Project Fukurow www.fukurow.com
Dansen Hus, Kenneth Kvarnstrom www.dansenshus.se
Susan Marshall & Company www.susanmarshallandcompany.org
Martha Graham Dance Company www.marthagraham.org
Rennie Harris Pure Movement www.rhpm.org
Ben Munisterie www.munisteri.com
A Poc A Poc http://homepage.mac.com/cuaunr/apoc.html- A Poc A Poc
Galerie Bleu du Ciel www.lebleuduciel.net
Biennale de la Photographie, Lyon www.lebleuduciel.net/html/biennales.htm
La Maison de la Danse, Lyon www.maisondeladanse.com/
Conservatoire de Lyon www.cnsmd-lyon.fr/