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-Description and Pricing-

Archival prints of the pictures in the Image Gallery are available for sale through this web site. I hand craft all of my prints using the finest quality, fiber-based paper, which has been laboriously processed in accordance with the latest methods of archival processing. These prints are crafted with the intention of lasting many decades with no fading or discoloration, given that they are stored properly in an acid free mount. Optional preservation-grade mounting, matting, and framing services are available as well. All prints are signed and dated by me personally on the reverse side. The pricing structure for prints and optional mounting services, depending on your currency and region, are:


European Sizes and Pricing:

Size of Print Item Description Net Price

Packaging, Insurance &
Shipping within the EU

30cm x 40cm Signed Print Only
+15,00€ 215,00€
30cm x 40cm Mounted & Matted at 40cm x 50cm, Signed
+20,00€ 260,00€
30cm x 40cm Fully Framed Print in 40cm x 50cm Frame
+35,00€ 355,00€
40cm x 50cm Signed Print Only
+20,00€ 320,00€
40cm x 50cm Mounted & Matted at 50cm x 70cm, Signed
+25,00€ 375,00€
40cm x 50cm Fully Framed Print in 50cm x 70cm Frame
+35,00€ 485,00€
United States Sizes and Pricing:
Size of Print Item Description Net Price Packaging, Insurance & US Domestic Shipping Total Price
11" x 14" Signed Print Only
+$15.00 $265
11" x 14" Mounted & Matted at 16" x 20", Signed Print
+$20.00 $300
11" x 14" Fully Framed Print in 16" x 20" Frame
contact for estimate -n/a-
16" x 20" Signed Print Only
+$20.00 $400
16" x 20" Mounted & Matted at 20" x 24", Signed Print
+$45.00 $465
16" x 20" Fully Framed Print in 20" x 24" Frame
contact for estimate -n/a-

* Prices subject to change at any time. The advertised price at the time of your order will apply.

This pricing structure applies to all images in the Image Gallery, with the sole exception of the photograph of Merce Cunningham. This is due to an agreement with the Cunningham Dance Foundation limiting the print to a numbered series of only 25. The remaining few prints of this image are only available in the following format:

16” x 20” print, sold mounted and matted in a 20” x 24” frame for $1600 each plus shipping.

40cm x 50cm print, sold mounted and matted in a 50cm x 70cm frame for 1200€ plus shipping.

The print as well as the mat are signed and numbered.
(*prices are subject to change at any time, and will increase as the available prints in the edition decrease.)

The print mounts are of acid-free foam core, with a hinge mounted, acid-free, 4-ply overlay mat. Mats are usually gallery-white or lightly cream-colored depending on the tonality of the image. Some mats have a black core revealing a nice framing line when it suits the image. Frames are a matt-black, hardwood, 1 1/2” deep set style with corner splines to insure a striking presentation. All frames are backed with a dust protector, wired and ready to hang.

Items are packaged well and insured. Shipping is by UPS Ground within the continental United States. European shipping will depend on location of buyer. For faster shipping times or specific international rates, please contact me for a quote.

-Ordering and Payment-

Payments can be made by mailing a check or money order to a US (or European) postal address that I will provide upon confirmation of your order. Most of these prints are made to order, and the printing process will begin upon receipt of your order. In this way your selected item should be ready for shipping by the time I receive your payment.

To place your order, please send an e-mail to:


In the body of your email, state clearly which item(s) you would like to purchase, the size of the PRINT, and note whether you would like an additional mat and/or frame for the selected item. Please include your full name and telephone number where you can be reached, and I will confirm your order by telephone promptly.

Because of the increasing risks of credit card fraud on the internet, I am not currently taking orders via Pay pal nor any other on-line, third party transaction service. I apologize for this inconvenience.

-Print and Image Quality-

Though the internet and web page design are extremely convenient for sharing and marketing my photographs, the exquisite quality and superb tonal range of fine-art images is substantially degraded when scanned and optimized for a 72ppi, compressed file created for fast downloading to your browser. Most of these images were made using either 6cm x 7cm or 4” x 5” format film cameras, producing stunning clarity that is difficult to reproduce on the web while still protecting the images from unlawful copying. Should you be interested in ordering a print, yet are unsure of the quality of any of these images, I may be willing to share with you a high resolution (watermarked) scan allowing you to more closely examine the details inherent in the photograph. There is no guarantee for said additional service, but feel free to contact me with your concerns and I will most likely be happy to accommodate your requests.

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